About us

Reign2Fame Media CC is a young multi-media company involved in marketing, events management, film production, advertising, design and photography as our core business. Our other services include branding, music, publishing and embroidery.  We pride ourselves in our work and hope for recognition through the quality thereof.

Operating in the competitive often changing industry of multi-media requires a team of creatives’ to keep up with new trends.   We are a breath of fresh air and believe in new business approaches striving for client satisfaction.   We attend to our clients’ individual needs and deliver accordingly. We are here to guide our clients on what’s good or bad for their brands because we have the skills to position our clients for success by creating and marketing a distinctive brand for them.

MISSION: Creation of innovative ideas and quality services with excellence, all driven by professionalism.


VISION: To become the better service provider of choice. To attend to our clients’ individual needs whilst achieving client satisfaction.


  • Excellence
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Dedication
  • High ethical standards
  • Open communication
  • People empowerment
  • Social development

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